Top reasons to buy wicker baskets for your store

If you have your own store and were planning on purchasing wicker baskets, you are already taking a step in the right direction. By adding wholesale wicker baskets to your furniture collection, you are sure to increase your revenue. Also, customers will be drawn to the size and pattern of the basket furniture. Most of these wicker furniture pieces give off an earthy feel and it looks like something that was crafted from home. Especially, the baskets in the color of dark cherry and white wood hues.

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Wholesale Baskets for Retail Companies

Are you a company looking to buy wholesale baskets? Wicker baskets are not only beautiful sitting in your store, but they will also capture the attention of buyers. The majority of people live in small apartments or medium houses. Because of this, they will want something that is light and can offer plenty of storage in their home. Continue reading

Finding Wooden Baskets Wholesale Prices

Finding wooden baskets wholesale prices online can be difficult since there are so many sellers out there. Most of them do not manufacture the baskets so you end up paying 8x the base price. Wooden baskets are a great choice for those who want something that doesn't trip people as they are walking down the hallway. A customer will usually get a set of two or four to place in the home. This is because they want to keep the place tidy, without going for huge furniture pieces that take hours to set up. If you have set up furniture before, you know how long it takes. Anywhere from two to even five hours is typical for furniture set up but not the wooden wicker baskets. Continue reading

Find Wooden cabinet with baskets Manufacturer online

If you want to find wooden cabinet with baskets online, we have plenty of them for you. In fact, we are the #1 manufacturer for wicker baskets. These baskets are great for customers looking to add baskets to their homes, use in a staging company, or great for gifts. Everyone enjoys wicker baskets because of their overall design. The basket is usually made from straw while the support panels are from wood or plastic materials. Because of this, they feel very light if you pick up your cabinet. The majority of these storage cabinets with baskets will weigh less than fifteen pounds. This is amazing! Also, they hold the same amount of items as a regular furniture piece would hold. Nor do you have to fiddle with pulling the "drawer" out. If you barely tug on the basket, it will slip right on out. The ease and convenience of these are great for anyone to use. They would make a perfect gift for children's rooms, adults, and especially seniors who are looking to decorate their home.

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Where to purchase Wholesale Baskets if you are a distributor

Do you want to know where to purchase wholesale baskets if you are a distributor? Well, you've certainly come to the right place. There are many benefits of having wicker baskets in your store. It doesn't matter if you are a large company with a store in a local shopping center or a small business on eBay. The fact of the matter is that we want to show you our wide variety of wholesale baskets. There are plenty of styles such as wooden wine boxes, storage benches with baskets, shelf baskets. These are quickly becoming a trend in the year of 2013. Your customers will stand back and look at these, picturing them in their home. Once they visualize it, you'll have a sale in no time. The smooth piece of furniture that holds a woven design is sure to capture their attention and this is one reason why people like these furniture pieces so much.

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Baskets Wholesale for Importers

We realize you just did a search on "baskets wholesale for importers", so our only conclusion is that you are looking to purchase wicker baskets or basket storage units. Your customers will simply love the pure elegance of wicker baskets. After all, they can fit anywhere in the home and look fabulous. If you are a furniture store looking to add new products, you can get them at wholesale discount rates from us. Once we ship them off to you, they are ready to be placed in your store. Why not give them a sales boost and stick the wicker basket furniture in your front window? These cabinet and bench with baskets are very small so they can practically fit anywhere and that's why customers enjoy them so much. Continue reading

Using Wicker Baskets in your Home

Your home is desperate for a makeover and we have the right type of furniture to compliment it - wicker baskets. Using wicker baskets is the new "home trend" that everyone seems to follow these days. Of course, we can see the logic behind it. These baskets are extremely elegant, carved out of wood and painted over in a black cherry hue. Yes, they come in all sorts of colors such as white, black, and pine. Wicker baskets can come in all different forms, such as a tall storage unit in the bedroom or a lovely storage bench seat where you can rest your feet on. Say goodbye to putting large pieces of furniture around the home and wasting precious space. The idea behind wicker furniture is to save room to walk around and enjoy the beauty of these baskets. Here are a few benefits of having wicker furniture in your home: Continue reading

Chinese New Year Holiday 2013

Hello, The Chinese New Year(Spring  Festival) is coming ,we will be on holiday these days, and will get back to work on 15th, FEB.  In Chinese tradition, 2013 is the year of snake, it sounds weird?  There are 12 animals in Chinese zodiac, have you seen Jackie Chen's latest movie? Yeah, that's right,  so the snake is on of  them, is regarded as a sign of insight and wisdom.   I would like to wish you a best new year and express my hope for your happiness and good future.Continue reading

Heze City, Shandong Province, China’s wood and willow wares export base

Our factory locates in Weiwan Town, Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Provice, China, would you like to know us more? Let me introduce our city to you.   Heze City, located in southwest of Shandong Province, with an area of 12,000 square kilometers and a population of 9.6 million, is the country's traditional production base of grain, cotton, forestry, livestock as well as the major forest products production, processing and export base. 500 million acres of forest land area of the city, 22 million cubic meters of timber reserves, 32.6% of forest coverage, Heze City is noted as "plain forest".Continue reading