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Finding wooden baskets wholesale prices online can be difficult since there are so many sellers out there. Most of them do not manufacture the baskets so you end up paying 8x the base price. Wooden baskets are a great choice for those who want something that doesn’t trip people as they are walking down the hallway. A customer will usually get a set of two or four to place in the home. This is because they want to keep the place tidy, without going for huge furniture pieces that take hours to set up. If you have set up furniture before, you know how long it takes. Anywhere from two to even five hours is typical for furniture set up but not the wooden wicker baskets.

wooden storage baskets

Some come in plastic baskets but the best ones are made from wood since they give more of a “natural” feel to a room. If you plan on selling, always get a wooden wicker basket. You can pick up wooden crates and storage cabinets at wholesale prices. In order to do this though, you need to find a manufacture. You know – these are the people who actually make the baskets by hand or through the factory. It’s just your luck that we are in the manufacturing business for wicker storage baskets. We make our baskets with great care and package them as if they were made of glass.


Our wooden baskets wholesale prices reflect the high quality of these baskets. We know that other companies may offer the same product as us, but it certainly wasn’t manufactured the same way. They may use cheap and flimsy materials that will break easily but we don’t do this. Our wooden baskets are exceptional and the people who come in your store will be amazed at what one little wicker cabinet can hold!  We have quite a diversity, ranging from wicker storage baskets to the wooden wine boxes. There are also wicker shelves available which is rare to find in some stores. Feel free to look at our beautiful baskets.

Author: Howard

Hi,this is Howard, I worked in a factory which are very specialized in making hand woven baskets. We provide very cheap but excellent quality baskets and small wooden furniture and basket storage units. If you are running a basket company or storage items, I think we can help you to reduce the sourcing cost at a big range.

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