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If you are looking for wicker storage baskets and basket storage unit suppliers, such as storage cabinet with baskets, bench with baskets, even small orders, we are your best choice because we use environment friendly raw material in our products which can come incredibly cheap if you decide to purchase baskets wholesale. There are indeed wide variety of baskets and cabinets to choose from that will definitely please every taste. In fact you have a wide variety of items to choose from including storage baskets made from wicker, boxes of different kinds, wooden bed room and living room furniture, laundry baskets, cabinets, wooden wine box, jewel boxes, book shelves, coat rack, and so on. In fact the list of products we have is literally endless, so that any wicker or wooden item you need is most likely to be available with us.

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If you are a wholesaler or retailer who needs baskets wholesale, you will probably find us the best manufacturer to meet your needs as our products are shipped to Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and the other parts of the world. Since we are ISO certified and we use Eco- friendly material, not harmful to anyone, at the most competitive price to appeal you, you will definitely fall in love with our products not only for its quality but also for its aesthetic and appealing designs. We use raw materials that are plant based and completely organic. No wonder, baskets wholesale suppliers from Europe and U.S.A prefer our products. While we have the most interesting designs to offer, the baskets wholesale buyers can request their ideas and designs which we implement to their complete satisfaction.

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Here are the top reasons compelling enough for you to choose Lian Yun for your baskets wholesale needs:


We offer the excellent quality because our raw material comes from trusted local suppliers, inspected by an efficient quality control team. The products are inspected no less than 6 to 7 times during the entire process of production. Some of the top companies listed in the Fortune 500, such as Metro, Carrefour, and JYSK, source from us. This is an ample evidence in favor of the emphasis we place on quality. Additionally, we have hundreds of repeat clients in Europe and America. They include basket wholesale buyers, importers, distributors and online retailers. With over 120 skilled workers spread across the huge factory space we are currently producing over 50,000 pieces every month. This does not mean we neglect small buyers. Whether you have a demand of few items or thousands of pieces, we are dedicated to serve our clients with the same level of excellence. You can find some details about our factory here.


As already state before, we take pride in producing all products from Eco-friendly raw material. We are a green minded enterprise and we guarantee that nothing including the paint we use is harmful. So, we do not face any problem with strict inspections in Europe and America. We are also open to third party inspections upon request. If you have come to this site, it is no accident. We are sure we can serve you to your complete satisfaction to fulfill your baskets wholesale needs.


Clients can visit our website: to know more and prospect customers can email to or call 86-530-6227799 for inquiries.

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Hi,this is Howard, I worked in a factory which are very specialized in making hand woven baskets. We provide very cheap but excellent quality baskets and small wooden furniture and basket storage units. If you are running a basket company or storage items, I think we can help you to reduce the sourcing cost at a big range.

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