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Do you want to know where to purchase wholesale baskets if you are a distributor? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. There are many benefits of having wicker baskets in your store. It doesn’t matter if you are a large company with a store in a local shopping center or a small business on eBay. The fact of the matter is that we want to show you our wide variety of wholesale baskets. There are plenty of styles such as wooden wine boxes, storage benches with baskets, shelf baskets. These are quickly becoming a trend in the year of 2013. Your customers will stand back and look at these, picturing them in their home. Once they visualize it, you’ll have a sale in no time. The smooth piece of furniture that holds a woven design is sure to capture their attention and this is one reason why people like these furniture pieces so much.

wicker baskets wholesale

There are many places if you want to know where to purchase wholesale baskets, but most won’t give you factory prices like we do. The baskets are manufactured in China and can be ordered from anywhere. If you are from the United States or Australia, we can still ship to you! The wholesale baskets will give you a good profit and make your customers happy with their new home decor/storage cabinet. After all, it is a win/win situation for everyone.


Let’s discuss some of the pros of purchasing wholesale baskets:


Wicker baskets come in all sizes and forms so your customer could easily find out what piece to use for their dining room or maybe a small section in the hallway. You can buy a variety of sizes and show them off to the customers. We guarantee that you’ll have a few people interested.


Shipping won’t be as much as you normally pay for a large, bulky piece of furniture. Wicker furniture is lightweight because the woven pieces have holes in them to make the look of the design. The wood itself doesn’t have to weigh that much because it is not supporting a cabinet that is too heavy. Overall, you get a light piece of furniture to ship with a fraction of the cost.


You’ll be able to chose any colors. Also, once you order – you can always customize a design when it arrives. Otherwise, we have furniture pieces that have colored baskets like bright red, pink, or even blue. Most of these baskets are for children’s rooms. Of course, the customer can always buy the piece for themselves if they really want.


You may be the only store available with these baskets. Since these wholesale baskets are a fairly new trend, not many people are selling them. There’s only a few online but if you have an offline store, there is a great advantage for you in selling wicker baskets. Where do you think someone will go if a client recommends you? Definitely not Target! They want to see your baskets, because their friend told them how wonderful the wicker baskets are over there.

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Hi,this is Howard, I worked in a factory which are very specialized in making hand woven baskets. We provide very cheap but excellent quality baskets and small wooden furniture and basket storage units. If you are running a basket company or storage items, I think we can help you to reduce the sourcing cost at a big range.

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