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If you have your own store and were planning on purchasing wicker baskets, you are already taking a step in the right direction. By adding wholesale wicker baskets to your furniture collection, you are sure to increase your revenue. Also, customers will be drawn to the size and pattern of the basket furniture. Most of these wicker furniture pieces give off an earthy feel and it looks like something that was crafted from home. Especially, the baskets in the color of dark cherry and white wood hues.

wicker baskets wholesale

Here are the top reasons you should bulk up on wholesale wicker baskets to present to clients;


-Wicker baskets are incredibly light and easy to carry. This is great if you plan in moving some furniture around the house. -Most baskets can be taken apart. A 3 tier drawer for example, can have the three baskets removed for cleaning or polishing your furniture piece.


-There are many colors to pick from. They have blue, red, white, and natural wood colors. -Baskets are easy to customize/decorate if you get a wooden based furniture piece. These can be painted over. -Wicker baskets make perfect storage units. Even though they are small, you can add many items to one basket such as clothes, school supplies, office items, baby accessories or kids toys.


-Wholesale wicker baskets are wonderful storage units. Why not set up a few different baskets in your store and have the top drawer open? This will display how much space they really hold. If you want to give your customer a better idea, then put a few items inside. You can put items such as pencils, papers, clothing, toys, art supplies, kitchen accessories, and so forth. There are plenty of things you can use as an example. Get creative if you like. This will let your customer how much space it can hold and minimize refunds since they know exactly what they are getting.

-Wicker baskets can be used for just about anything. Just think about it! You can set one wicker basket as a focal point for a picture at the end of the hallway. By placing small flowers on the top of the basket, this will really compliment it. Most of these baskets are made out of straw, giving the place a sort of “modern-country” look to it. The basket itself is extremely light because of the straw material, making it very easy to slide the basket drawer. You can remove it and replace it in a few seconds, as opposed to struggling with solid furniture where the rollers can get caught at the bottom.

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