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There are numerous utilities of a wicker basket; depending on their sizes and styles. It is an excellent sheath for flowering pot. These woven baskets are sometimes so attractive that we end up buying a plant simply due to basket. We place the pot and the plant in an appropriately matched wicker basket.

Similarly no picnic trip can be complete without a typical picnic basket with big loop handle. The basket brings in the appealing factor to the outing. Be a romantic outing of a couple or a family gathering, this wicker basket is there everywhere.

A small basket placed in the bathroom can hold all your toiletries and soaps. You can also place your neatly cleaned and folded bath towels there. A wicker basket in the living room also holds all the books and magazines of your choice together. A fruit basket in the kitchen table holds spices, condiments, dry fruits or teas. Accessible in all sizes, these baskets never run out of uses. Easily available at affordable rate in any department, these baskets add utility as well as décor to your home settings.

wicker flowering pot

You can paint them in any color you want to make them look more attractive. Mentioned below are 5 useful tips on how to maintain these wicker basket in good condition for years.

1: Dust frequently

Dust the baskets on a regular basis. Remove the contents of the basket and dust inside as well. Dusting will take out any residues accumulated on the basket. Before placing the basket, wipe the area where it has been placed so that it remains clean throughout.

2: Avoid overloading the basket

Never overload the basket since it might cracks. Overloading can make the bottom as well as the handle weak and it might eventually break.

3: Keep it Away from Pets

A basket is more likely to get damaged if it is placed near to pets. Cats and dogs may cause minor damages by banging into the basket. It is always recommended to keep the wicker baskets either on the table top or on the closet so that your pets cannot harm the basket.

4: Leave wide Gap if placed between Other Objects

While placing the baskets in between other objects, ensure that there is available gap in between so that the sides do not get bruised. If placed in between other objects, there may be a possibility that it might break. As long as the basket is safely placed, there is no chance of any damages.

5: Keep it in Moisture free environment

Always avoid placing the basket in moisture based environment to a larger extent since moisture can affect these baskets’ durability.

A wicker basket has not just the looks but a lot of usages attached to it. A home is incomplete without a wicker basket. A wicker is durable yet comes with a contemporary look. It is stylish as well as light weighted. Be it your office room or your own living room, it can find place everywhere. Easy to handle, trendy, reasonable, elegant, and yet sturdy makes it ideal for being a part and parcel of every household.

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