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Are you a company looking to buy wholesale baskets? Wicker baskets are not only beautiful sitting in your store, but they will also capture the attention of buyers. The majority of people live in small apartments or medium houses. Because of this, they will want something that is light and can offer plenty of storage in their home.

A wicker basket is perfect for their needs since it is made from a light weight woven basket instead of solid wood. If your customer already had a bedroom set with drawers for clothes, you could easily convince them to change their set with wicker baskets. They will not only have more space in their room, but they can get just about any wicker basket they want. The colors range from dark cherry to white. Also, you will find some bright multicolored wicker baskets as well.

wicker baskets wholesale

These can be used in the children’s room since the baskets are bright red, orange, pink or blue. Since wicker baskets are woven, your customer can easily move the piece of furniture if they are planning on remodeling or moving. All of these baskets are sturdy and won’t break, even if you take out a woven drawer and drop it.


Retail companies are starting to sell these baskets by the handful because they know it is a developing home trend that is gradually becoming popular. in 3/5 homes, you will see wicker baskets as opposed to five to ten years ago when there were barely any. Not many retail companies have wicker baskets available so by getting a few on your shelves, you’ll be bringing in a few more customers. If they can’t find a wicker furniture piece at other places, there is a good chance they’ll visit your furniture store to see what they can pick up. After all, most customers don’t want to go through the shipping and waiting process.

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Also, they are wonderful accessories for a children’s room. Any child from age 6-10 won’t have trouble accessing their clothes or items, since the drawers slide out smoothly. If you are a retail company, buying your wicker baskets overseas can certainly save you money. You won’t have to worry about the shipping because these baskets are incredibly solid, minimizing breakage.

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